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These disorders increase in probability with improper breeding done at puppy mills or by inexperienced breeders. Proper nutrition and exercise is important to keep them healthy and strong enough to live into old age. Average lifespan of a properly bred Goldendoodle is 10 15 years. The concern is that the arabica coffee Cofea arabica, the darling of aficianados, is being threatened by a rust, which is a type of fungus. In 2008 it wiped out 40 percent of Colombia's coffee crop. The problem is that "Cultivated arabica plants have a genetic diversity of just 1.

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She loves playing fetch and chasing birds.

We are a small 80 acre Ranch, located in Huntington, Arkansas, where we have plenty of room for our dogs to run and be dogs.

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I feel that if a dog can do well in a home with young children, they can do well anywhere.

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