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She is a playful, happy go lucky dog who loves to be the center of attention. She never meets a stranger and gets along well with everyone, both human and canine. Abria is athletic and enjoys romping around the backyard with Moses as well as meeting neighbors as she walks around the neighborhood with us. She has a perfect personality, making her a wonderful family dog. In true retriever style, she is always looking for something to hold in her mouth!Junie is our F1 medium English goldendoodle imported from Ontario, Canada. Her dad is an American confirmation champion and her mom comes from a pedigree filled with champions. Junie is friendly as can be and loves romping around with other dogs. Every time she goes outside, she’s sure to find a stick to carry. She is eager to please and easy to train. Junie’s coat is exquisitely soft. This works out well for Junie, who loves being petted!Belly rubs are her absolute favorite.

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Registering your Goldendoodle litter is easy.

“Goldendoodles” are nothing more than mixed breed dogs.

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Loves pretty much everything, walking, running, fetching, riding in the car, old people, kids, etc.

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